KOLAC (eng. the Stake) was spawned in the summer of 2006 by two good friends with pseudonyms Grob (eng. Grave) and Zlorog (eng. Evil horn). The only goal set up for the band is to play the music that the founders like to listen without any innovations. Just pure anti-religious Black Metal dedicated to the darkest Underground.


After two years of writing music and lyrics, and intense searching for a drummer who would be willing to play, the band decided to record the first promotional material: "9/11 Last Minute Silence" promo 2008. The name came from the release date which was on the 9/11/2008, and not because of some political or any other reason. It was recorded in Zlorog’s home studio on 09/09/2008. Music on the promo was written by Zlorog, and lyrics by Grob. The lyrics for the last track Helvetesjavlakrig (eng. Infernal Fucking War) was translated to Swedish by Valkyra.


The second demo was released on January 26th, 2009. It is titled "... No God", and it contains 4 new songs, and 2 covers (Horna, Sabbat (Japan)). Music is still written by Zlorog, and lyrics by Grob.


Third demo was released on April 11th, 2010, again by ourselves! It is titled "Like a nun to the slaughter" and It was released on pro-printed tape limited to 66 copies! It contains one brand new song, two rerecorded versions of older songs, three covers (Nunslaughter, Sodom), and entire first demo as a bonus! Cover artwork was done by Danilo Trbojevic (Nadimac, Daggerspawn), and he also did a great contribution as a guest vocalist on the Sodom cover! Fourth demo was recorded live on the first ever live show of KOLAC in Ciklon club in Belgrade. It contains 4 new songs and 4 covers. It is available in regular and special edition with bonus video.


KOLAC debut full-length titled "Bastard son is dead" was released in January 2011 on tape by Moon Records from Poland. It contains 9 tracks + a bonus cover of Marduk's "Bleached Bones"!!! First half of 2011 brought appearances on 2 compilation CDs, first split release and a couple of live shows, of which the most notable was the show held on February 13th in Ciklon club, Belgrade, held to promote the debut full-length and as a celebration of 5 years of KOLAC blasphemy. KOLAC appeared on the "Message From The Other Side vol. I" compilation released on Grom Records with the song "To Your God You Will Pray", and also on the "Nocturne Music Magazine sampler #8" as a supplement to the Nocturne Music Magazine #18. On May 20th KOLAC appeared on the split release alongside MRZNJA and STONECRYPT! The split is called "Sacrifice To The Bloody Cult" and is released on Silent Scream Records! It's a tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Late 2011 sees the line-up change. Anaksimandar replaces Torkmandukk on drums, and Hunter (Stonecrypt, Zloslut, Silent Scream Records) joins on second guitar.


The first release in 2012 is a compilation tape on Moon Records containing all the demos the band has recorded and some live and unreleased material. The second release is a promo containing 3 new song from our up-coming full-length + a bonus 5 old songs. This release is sent to labels and zines for promotional purposes.


A couple of releases are scheduled for 2013. Kolac has appeared on vinyl for the first time with a split 7" with Spanish Xerión on Nigra Mors Productions. It has been released on June 20th of 2013.
Kolac is proud to welcome 2 new session members, Omadan IX on guitar and L'hiver on drums.
Kolac is currently looking for a label to release the debut album "Bastard son is dead" on CD and/or vinyl. Second album that is already made, and will be recorded in winter.


The first days of the new year saw the release of another split tape. This time we shared the release with Satanic Forest (Brazil), 1389 (Bosnia) and Eris (Serbia). It was released on January 6th through Grim Reaper Records. In February we opened for Turbocharged in Belgrade. At the beginning of April, another release saw the light of day. This time it is a live CD-R, entitled "MMXIII Live", recorded live on three shows played in 2013. It was released by Aschefruehling Records.


The year started off with a couple of shows. In February KOLAC supported legendary German Black Metal band Winterblut on their first ever live show in Serbia, and headlined a show in Novi Sad a few months later. 2015 was a year of tribute albums for the band. KOLAC appeared on 2 tribute albums that were released in 2015. The first was a double CD tribute to German masters Desaster, titled "We Worship DESASTER", where the band tried to do justice to the German cult with our version of "Crypts of Dracul". The second appearance was on "A Tribute To Satanic Warmaster" with our own rendering of "Dragon’s Egg". This double CD was released by Azermedoth Records. The year ended with a series of shows in Serbia, where KOLAC played Jagodina and Velika Plana, and finished the year with a special hour-long show in Belgrade, used to promote the CD version of "Zauvek Crni" album, which came out at the very end of the year, via Grom Records.


Following a series of live appearances at the end of the previous year, KOLAC started the year with the band’s first ever appearance on a cult Serbian Underground festival called "United Slavic Swords". After that KOLAC had a debut live appearance in Croatia, during a short, three-day, tour with Canadian BLACK PESTILENCE and performed at the Revolution Festival in Timisoara, Romania, finishing the year as the opening act for Swedish KILL.


At the beginning of the year, KOLAC crowned the friendship with Croatian band DEFIANT by hiring their drummer Nyktophilean as a live member. With the new drummer KOLAC performed another series of concerts with prominent Serbian bands such as KOZELJNIK, SVARTGREN and ZLOSLUT, along with another headline show in Osijek, Croatia.


With Nyktophilean gathering obligations he has left drumming all together so KOLAC hired Sirivs as a full-time member behind the drum set. Along with another line-up change, the process of creating new tracks took most of the band during the year, with just a couple of shows along the way.


KOLAC still looks to perform live as much as it is possible. The new songs are well under way and will be presented to the public later this year. So far, KOLAC supported Russian symphonic black metal band Welicoruss and Polish necrofolk black metal band Furia and was one of the headliners at Balkan Metal Meeting in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the line-up finally stable and fully committed to the cause, the band is ready to strike at the unsuspecting audiences wherever possible.


The plague-ridden years were used to finish the work on the third KOLAC full length record. With Covid-19 behind, the band is ready to get into the studio to record it during this autumn.